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Ningbo Yiwei Shock Absorption Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xikou Town, Fenghua District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. The company has advanced rubber shock absorption technology and is committed to providing customers with quality products and technical services. Elastic vibration support, rocker arm and other products can effectively replace the traditional shock absorption products, suitable for a variety of vibrating screens, vibration transmission, buffer base and other occasions where vibration reduction is required. We sincerely invite everyone to discuss relevant knowledge with us.

Product List

Product advantages

Supporting Parts of Traditional Vibrating Screen:Spiral steel spring
☆Cheap price and convenient purchasingShortcoming:
It will corrode and overload will break.
There will be a lot of noise when working.
Spring deformation is easily caused by overload or after several years
Without guidance function, regular linear motion cannot be generated.

Large and irregular vibration, sideswing and resonance of the whole machine will occur when the equipment starts and stops.


EVSEVS elastic vibration support

☆Maintenance-free, wear-resistant
☆No breaking, no noise

☆The same performance under strong impact or overload
☆Unique steering function, the vibration-participating part only works in linear motion.

☆Low vibration frequency (about 2.3HZ) provides more than 97% vibration isolation effect.
☆When the equipment starts and stops, there will be no irregular large vibration and resonance of the whole machine.


It's a little expensive.


Elastic Characteristics in Normal Work and Resonance

The good damping performance of elastic vibration support makes the large resonance residue of vibration screen absorbed rapidly when starting and stopping, and stopped completely in a few seconds.

Vertical force


Application industry

Installation mode

Installation of Elastic Vibration Support

If the elastic vibration support on a linear vibrating screen is installed and arranged as shown in Figure 2, the vibration of the screen body will be very stable without noise. The vibration arm connecting the screen body bears more vibration, while the shock absorber connecting the base maintains a very low natural frequency, so it produces a good vibration isolation effect.

The installation of vibration support is very important. The axis of installation and the direction of material transportation must be at right angle (90 degrees), and the maximum allowable error is (+1 degrees).

As shown in the figure below, this installation can make the screen run smoothly and linearly without noise.

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